Engine Valves & guidesCurrently, the Company produces a wide range of valves ranging from the smallest engines for motorcycles to those for earth moving vehicles.

Continuous investments in machinery used to produce our valves allow us to respect the tightest production tolerances and, over time, has allowed us to satisfy the widest range of customers .






Engine Valve Production

We use only certified steel and CNC machinery, developed by the manufacturer with the input of our experience and 

assistance, to produce our valves.

This is done with the purpose of maintaining the highest quality that characterizes all our products

Certified Quality Products

The workforce of Osvat S.r.l. is highly qualified and skilfully manages the production equipment respecting the tightest production tolerances.

We are therefore geared to meet the specific designs of customers and despatch the product with tailor-made packaging. 


osvat valves & guides
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