Gaskets, Seals & Bolts

We have one of the largest stock holdings of engine gaskets, seals and bolts in the UK. We keep well-known brands such as Glaser, Ajusa & Payen. We keep individual seals and gaskets as well as head gasket sets, bottom end / conversion sets and full sets. We also keep Athena Racing gaskets for performance & race engines.

head gaskets, seals & head bolts
head Gaskets

Head Gaskets

Head gaskets are used to perform a seal between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. The head gasket ensures a gas & fluid-tight seal between waterways, oil ways and combustion areas. If the head gasket fails it can leak water into the bores, water in the oil or more common, gases in the waterways. This is noted by a huge build up of pressure in the cooling system. Head gaskets are constructed using a number of materials. Most modern engines use a single sheet steel or multi-layered steel gasket. Your engine may have a composite or fibre gasket. In more classic engines like the Triumph TR6 or Austin A-series, a copper / asbestos gasket may have been used. These have generally been replaced with fibre alternatives due to the health risk involved with asbestos.

Cylinder Head Bolts

Cylinder head bolts are used to fix the cylinder head to the engine block. Quite often these bolts are "stretch bolts". The bolt is stretched when it is tightened to ensure durability and clamping load. Once stretch bolts have been used, we recommend that you replace these bolts. The re-use of used head bolts can result in an insufficient clamping load. The bolt may have one of many head types. Please use the correct tool to tighten or loosen the bolt. Failure to use the correct socket can damage the bolt head or snap it from the shaft of the bolt. 

cylinder head bolts
head gasket sets

Gasket Sets

We stock head gasket sets, conversions sets and full engine sets for car & light commercial vehicle. Some head gasket sets do not include the head gasket. This is because there is a choice of head gasket thickness which is specific to each engine depending on how much has been removed when the cylinder head has been skimmed. This is most common for diesel engines.

Head Sets generally include the following: (This will vary between sets)

  • Head gasket
  • Valve Stem Seals
  • Exhaust & Inlet Manifold Gaskets
  • Camshaft Seals
  • Rocker / Cam cover gasket

Conversion Sets

  • Sump Gasket
  • Front & Rear Crank seals
  • Side cover gaskets
camshafts, hydraulics, lifters & tappets

Cams & Followers

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Camshafts & Followers

We stock camshafts, cam followers, cam buckets, shims, hydraulic lifters / tappets and rockers arms for vehicles from all over the world, whether it be car, commercial or marine. We keep high O.E quality products made by Ajusa, Freccia, AE.

engine conrod & main bearings

Engine Bearings

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Engine Bearings

We have a massive range of bearings for same or next day delivery. We stock Glyco, ACL, ACL Race Series, King, Vandervell, AE & Glacier. We also have a huge range of oversizes to suit damaged crankshafts. Camshaft bushes are also available.

gaskets, seals & bolts

Gaskets, Seals & Bolts

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Gaskets, Seals & Bolts

Our extensive range of gaskets, seals and bolts for American, European & Asian vehicles is the best in the UK. Whether it be Car, Commercial, Plant or Marine. We only supply quality gaskets that match the OEM specification or even exceed it. We supply Ajusa, Glaser & Payen


Pistons, Liners & Rings

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Pistons, Liners & Rings

We have stock of a wide range of pistons and piston rings whether they are standard or oversized. We can supply Goetze, Nural, AE, Hastings, Tarabusi & NPR. Mahle, KS & Forged pistons are available by special request.

timing belts & chains

Timing Belts & Chains

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Timing Belts & Chains

Making sure your timing belt / chain and tensioners are replaced at the correct intervals is vital to the reliabilty of your motor. A cam belt / chain failure can be catastrophic to your engine. We have a good range of belts, belt kits, chains and chain kits on a same or next day basis.

valves, Guides & Seats

Valves & Guides

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Valves & Guides

We have a massive range of valves and guides on our shelves for European and Asian motors. Our stock is of the highest quality and is produced in Italy & Germany. Components are also available for vintage and classic cars by special request

Water & Oil Pumps

Oil & Water Pumps

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Oil & Water Pumps

We keep a good range of Oil Pumps & Dayco water pumps included with Timing belt kits. Water pumps can be arranged to order separately at special request.

Technical Support

If you can't find what you are looking for or would like any advice on what components you may need, our experienced sales staff are happy to help. We can provide technical information about parts and applications. We are dedicated to the engine parts sector and the majority of out team have been with us since we started in 1987.

Fast Delivery

We offer a same day delivery service to exclusive areas of England on our internal van service. For areas outside our van delivery area, we offer a guaranteed next day delivery with either UPS, Parcelforce, DSV or DPD to ensure your car parts are delivered quickly. Please see our information page for more details


We only stock components from the World's leading brands. All of our parts have a minimum of 12 months manufacturers warranty and are of OEM standard or higher. We have built our reputation over the years by selling good quality products at a very competitive price with fast and reliable delivery.

Our Brands

Our range of Engine Parts manufacturers from all of the World. These are the leading brands of engine components supplying the World's OEM & aftermarket sectors.

ACL bearings

Engine Bearings

ARP Bolts & Fasteners

Racing Spec Bolts, Nuts & Studs

AE bearings, Camshafts, Valves, Pistons & rings

Camshafts, Followers & Valvetrain

athena gaskets

Racing Head Gaskets

dayco timing belts / cam belts

Timing Belts & Kits

Freccia engine valves, guides, cam followers, rocker arms & hydraulic lifters

Valves, Guides, Rocker arms & Hydraulic Lifters

FP Diesel

Heavy Duty, Industrial & Commercial Engine Parts

Goetze Piston Rings

Piston rings

Glyco engine bearings

Engine Bearings

Glaser gaskets, seals & bolts

Gaskets, Seals & Bolts

Hastings piston rings

Piston Rings

king bearings

Engine Bearings

Nural Pistons

Pistons & Liners

Osvat engine valves, guides, shims & pre-combustion chambers

Valves, Guides, Shims & Pre-combustion chambers

Payen gaskets, seals & bolts

Gaskets, Seals & Bolts

Tarabusi pistons & rings

Pistons, Liners & Rings

Mahle Pistons & Valves

Valvetrain, Bearings & Pistons