Ajusa Gaskets

We are the official distributor for Ajusa UK. Ajusa offer the highest quality gaskets, hydraulic lifters, camshafts and cylinder head bolts. Ajusa is OEM for many vehicle manufaturers, starting with Renault in 1982. Since its creation, Ajusa has tried to acheive a priority target; to manufacture products with a high quality standard to give customers complete satisfaction. Ajusa manufacture hugely reliable products and have built a strong reputation since it was founded in 1972. They are constantly evaluating their quality control system and have commitment to produce products efficiently and eco-friendly.

Camshafts & Followers

Ajusa brought out thier range of camshafts and followers in 2002. Their high standard of components means you have piece of mind when fitting Ajusa camshafts and / or lifters. Ajusa recommend that you should replace the camshaft when any of the following symptoms occur.

  • Scratches, marks or any signs of wear on the cam lobes
  • The camshaft is bent more that 0.05mm
  • The axial clearance is bigger than 0.15mm
  • Loss of power output
  • Increase in exhaust gases
  • Noisy / rattling camshaft area

You must always replace all of the hydraulic lifters when replacing the camshaft.

Ajusa Gaskets, Bolts & Seals

Ajusa offer full gasket sets, head gasket sets, Conversion sets, head gaskets, Turbo fitting kits, head Bolts & seal kits.

Ajusa manufacture their gasket sets to be fitted to repaired or use engines. An Ajusa gasket set will differ from it's competitors becuase of it's more comprehensive contents. Including virtually every seal and small gasket that is needed to completely overhaul the engine. An Ajusa head bolt is tested under extreme load to ensure that it clamps the cylinder head to block sufficienty without any undue stress, This makes Ajusa bolts extremely reliable.

Ajusil is Ajusa's silicone sealant. To be used where the engine manufacturer uses silicone cords as opposed to gaskets

Designed for high performance diesel and gasoline engines.

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