Dayco is a world leader in the design and production of power transmission systems for original equipment. Dayco provides advanced technical solutions to its customers, the major worldwide car manufacturers, to guarantee the best quality of their systems and the reliability of their vehicles. For this reason, Dayco invests continuously in research and materials and in the development of innovative solutions to anticipate the requirements of tomorrow's engines.

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Timing Belts Kits

Our whole range provides, at any time, perfect technical compatibility and maximum quality of the components, in addition to the system's completeness. The Dayco KITS offer: OEM or equivalent components both for motorcars and industrial vehicles. complete replacement of all wear parts (belts, rigid components) continuous updating of the components according to the vehicle manufacturer's developments assembly instructions It is advised to always check and, if necessary, replace any component related to the transmission, to guarantee the best maintenance operation. The water pump, driven by the timing belt, is one of the components to be checked, as it is a part that wears over time. For this particular requirement, Dayco offers a complete range of kits with a KTBWP water pump.

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